An ambigram is a typographical design which can be read more than one way.

This is my first and personal favorite. It was especially tricky turning the letters "AVi" into its own internal ambigram in order to complete the effect. Notice the serif on the final "d" also serves as the dot in the "i." David is my Dad's name.

David ambigram

This Jewett ambigram served as my logo for a while. The capital "J" doubles as "tt" when flipped upside-down

Jewett ambigram

In this ambigram of my sister's name, the figure appears exactly the same right-side-up as it does upside-down. The flower blossom is used to create the illusion of a crossbar in the capital "A" while appearing as a decorative feature in the lower-case "y."

A print of this ambigram currently hangs in Amy's bedroom.

Amy ambigram

Almost the logo for this site, this don jewett dot com ambigram didn't quite have the readibility I wanted.

I had to turn the lowercase "m" on its side to double as the capital "D" in Don. The Jewett in the middle, is not bad though -- is a decent design by itself.

don jewett dot com ambigram