Best Free Tile Map Editors


Originally published at, this is my list of the best free editors available. Updated 2024-03.

[update 2021-11] Ogmo has moved up significantly in the list, being one of only two with active development. Although old, Mappy gets high marks for supporting multiple tile types. DAME gets high marks for cross-platform support.

# Editor Rating Tiles Version Update Systems
1 Tiled 4 stars ortho isometric hex-flat hex-point 1.10.2 2023-08 windows Mac Linux
2 Mappy 3.5 stars ortho isometric hex-flat   1.4.23 2009 windows   Linux
3 Ogmo 3.5 stars ortho       3.4 2020-12 windows Mac Linux
4 DAME 3.5 stars ortho       3.1.6 2014-01 windows Mac Linux
5 TuDee 3 stars ortho       1.0.4 2009 windows   Linux
6 tIDE 3 stars ortho       2.0.7 2013-08 windows    
7 Tile Studio 3 stars ortho       3.0 2012-09 windows    
8 SGDK2 3 stars ortho       2.3.0 2017-02 windows    
9 Tat TE 2.5 stars ortho       1.0.5 2009-03 windows    
10 TileME 2 stars ortho       1.2.2 2008-10 windows    

Honorable Mentions

The following didn't quite make the list:

TUME (The Universal Map Editor)

This was a great editor in its day (2000-06-18), but doesn't make the list because it is DOS only.

Review List

The following are on my radar but I have not reviewed them. Some or all may make the list in future updates.

Pro-Motion NG

Font Map


Online Tile Map Editor

2D World Creator


Game Map Editor

Map Creator

TileStudio II