Raccoon! Card Game


Raccoon! is a strategy card game for players young and old.

Cards are arranged in a "map" so all Meadow cards are reachable by Path or Water cards. Card are placed face-down and are turned over to reveal an empty, prey, predator, or win conditions. Prey awards a life point and Predator subtracts one. Players are Raccoons moving through a map using Paths or Water. The first player to find a Raccoon card in the Meadow and make it to the Tree without losing all their lives wins!

I developed this game for my 4 year old daughter so we could play something involving a bit of strategy.

Meadow: Raccoon Meadow: Grasshopper Meadow: Wolf Meadow: Worms Meadow: Cougar Meadow: Snail Water: Alligator Water: Crawdad Water: Fish Map: Big River Map: River Crossing Map: Two River Cross